"PC Party" Back on the Federal Ballot

Ottawa, Ontario - Tuesday, March 29, 2004 by: Joe Hueglin
  Canadians will still have the choice of voting "PC" in the upcoming federal election less than four months after Peter MacKay consigned the Progressive Conservative Party to the rubbish heap of history.
  Faced with the unacceptable choices of voting for the Liberals, the left-wing NDP or the right-wing new Conservative Party, PC Party members from across Canada worked together by e-mail and phone to apply to Elections Canada for the restoration of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to the list of registered parties.
"The Chief Electoral Officer rejected that name but accepted a second application which will place “PC Party” on the ballot. This enables us to continue offering Canadians a balanced, progressive-conservative approach to governing."
  stated Joe Hueglin, a former PC M.P. for Niagara Falls, currently acting as National Coordinator for the re-building of the Progressive Conservative Party.
"The next milestone in the revival of the PC’s is the nomination of a minimum of fifty candidates to run in the upcoming election. That will again give us the status of a registered political party.”
"We will welcome the many former Progressive Conservatives who believe their party was taken over by the Canadian Alliance."
  said Sherry Lavery of Edmonton.
“We will provide a political home for all voters who reject both the scandal-ridden Liberals and the right-wing positions of the new Conservative Party."
  Lavery stressed that the PC Party will continue to be governed and operated by the same principles that have earned the votes of generations of Canadians.
"The blatant takeover left a huge gap in the political spectrum."
  Al Gullon, of Ottawa, noted.
"We are filling that gap by continuing to offer Canadian voters the socially -progressive, fiscally-conservative policies of the PC Party."
"Our focus in the upcoming election will be almost completely local.”
  says Tracy Parsons, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
"We don’t have the resources to mount a national campaign and, at this stage, we really don't see the need to do so. We have commitments to field PC Party candidates in a dozen ridings, and Stephen Harper's victory in the new Conservative Party leadership race has led to many more inquiries from potential candidates, members and voters."
  PC Loyalists across Canada, working with Hueglin, are now making preparations to contest the next election. They invite interested Canadians to join with them by calling Joe at 905-356-3901 or e-mailing hueglinj@cogeco.ca .
"We're most pleased that the Chief Electoral Officer has enabled us to continue offering the nation-building policies of the PC Party to the Canadian electorate."

Joe Hueglin


For more information contact one of the following:
  Sherry Lavery, Edmonton. 780-450-3303, sherrylavery@shaw.ca
  Joe Hueglin, Niagara Falls. 905-356-3901, hueglinj@cogeco.ca
  Al Gullon, Ottawa. 613-738-0712, al@alsaces.ca
  Tracy Parsons, Halifax. 902-462-2773, pcmembership@ns.sympatico.ca
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