Better April 14th
June 6th

  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Tuesday, April 20, 2004
by: Joe Hueglin
  Lost luggage, a fumbled football and not knowing a river flowed north rather than south all hung like albatrosses around the necks of those politicians associated with them in the public mind.
  Paul Martin, speaking not once, but twice of the Canadian invasion of Norway while speaking to Canadian Forces personnel earns him a gold medal for ineptitude.
  Joe Clark's loss of luggage was due to the airline not him, Robert Stanfield's fumble is something we all have done, Stockwell Day's error in geography would have been made by many not schooled in geography.
  There is one positive associated with Martin's having displayed his inability to differentiate between Norway and Normandy. Much better this ignorance was displayed on April 14th rather than on June 6th at ceremonies commemorating the fourteen thousand young Canadians of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division who stormed ashore at Juno Beach.

Joe Hueglin

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