Dalton McGuinty:
Disingenuous or delusional?

  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Tuesday, June 8, 2004
by: Joe Hueglin
  Dalton McGinty's statement "Ontario voters understand his government had no option but to break its promise not to raise taxes"(1) underestimates the negative reaction to the Ontario Liberal budget is having on the Federal Liberal's campaign.
  His messaging that "the previous Conservative government misled people by claiming the province's books were balanced" (1) and that "Conservative leader Stephen Harper is making promises he would not be able to keep if elected." (1) are not resonating as shown by plummeting support in opinion polls for the FED LIBS.

Brian Mulroney, Dalton McGuinty, Hugh Segal, Stephen Harper

  What to do? Fight fire with fire.
Like it or not , and no one does, many votes are cast for negatives rather than positives. Rather than being disingenuous and saying there is no effect or delusional in believing Ontario voters will understand, broadcasting the facts that Brian Mulroney is a confidant of Stephen Harper (2) and speeches being delivered by Harper are now written by one of Mulroney's writers (3) would be more effective. Not only in Ontario but in the Prairies and British Columbia as well.

Joe Hueglin

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