Time to get

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Monday, August 30, 2004
by: Joe Hueglin
  Enough already, time to be statesmen rather than politicians.
  Cease showing more interest in image than in substance, in laying off blame on others rather than accepting responsibility.
  Identify the most urgent healthcare needs, the most effective means of meeting them, the resources needed to implement them. Only then debate the proportion that will be funded by federal taxes and which by provincial.
  None of you have any private monies to "invest". The same citizens pay to all levels of government.
  The following analogy sums up with great precision in completely understandable terms your current posturing on pharmacare:
  "So: there's not enough money to maintain the old jalopy the family drives, but the kids clamour for Dad to get it fixed anyway. And then they suddenly demand that he buy them a new sports car, too. Dad reacts angrily, and says everyone will have to take the bus."(1)
First Ministers, it's time to get serious. Time to start serving the interests of those for whom you are responsible, rather than your personal political agendas.

Joe Hueglin

1.The Gazette, Slow fix for medicare, (pdf) August 29, 2004, The Montreal Gazette
2. CBC News, McGuinty pumps up pharmacare program, August 30, 2004. CBC
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Photo credits:    
Alberta Premier Ralph Klein (CTV), Prime Minister Paul Martin and Ontario Premier Dalton McGunity, (CBC)


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