The devil you know or the devil you don't? 
The devil you don't know is looking better everyday.

Dorchester, Ontario - Thursday, February 19, 2002 - by: Randy Kubik, Past President The Canadian Alliance




Any voter who can still vote Liberal (federally) in good conscience would in effect be saying "It's Ok" to the sobering revelations of the depth of the Liberal Culture of Corruption.
  The federal Liberals do not deserve to be re-elected under any circumstances.  PERIOD!
  I DO NOT WANT THE DEVIL I NOW KNOW, the worst devil in Canadian history.




I would rather take a chance on the devil I don't know, EVEN IF that leader is any of Jack Layton, Belinda Stronach, Tony Clement, or Stephen Harper.




The Liberal government of the last 11 years must be held accountable at the upcoming election.  They MUST NOT be rewarded with another election win, even if a minority.








The federal Liberals may well be hiding other so-called "money laundering" schemes in other departments . It is time for new people from a different party to take over, instill a new culture of respect for taxpayer's money and investigate and uncover the true nature of the Liberal Culture of Corruption.




Maybe some Canadians think that the Liberals can investigate themselves, that they can be trusted...  I hope I am wrong... Please Canadians, give your head a shake, and repeat to yourself  "Je me souviens Jean Chretien."

Randy Kubik