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Dartmouth, NS, Wednesday, May 18, 2005, by: Jim Love

Most Canadians might be shocked to see a new government sponsored internet site that is being advertised throughout bus stops in Washington D.C on posters that have been described as a "Canadian military ad blitz".

The top of the site features the blending of the American and Canadian flags to create what can only be described as an “Ameri-Canadian” banner.

Our casualties Canada has suffered 12 Dead and 44 wounded/injured personnel are listed right under another piece of “Canadian Ally News”, a Trade and Security Partnership Map Canada.

Linking Canadian lives lost with trade is its clear message. It is not clear whether this is intentional or merely insensitivity to the implied message.

If our government were concerned about the growing anti-Bush sentiment in this country, a site like this would never have been authorized.

Mr. Harper and his ministers are not responding to questions from the press. So it is difficult for anyone to determine who authorized the posters and the site or for what purpose.

We are also left with the question of when the government of Canada started using commercial (dot com) domains for government sites instead of the .ca (dot ca) domain which stands for Canada. On both the site and the posters .com is clearly shown as the primary internet address.

The Progressive Canadian Party will continue to pursue this issue actively and do our best to ensure that the Canadian public is fully informed and in a position to decide whether or not this is the image of their country they wish to see portrayed to the world in general and Americans in particular

The Progressive Canadian Party will continue to pursue this matter actively. We do not believe that this site is the image of their country that Canadians wish to see portrayed to the world. Nor will we condone any linkage between trade and the tragic deaths of members of our armed forces.

Any such linkage is an insult to those who given their lives in service of this country.

We demand that this site be taken down immediately and that a full disclosure be made of who authorized it and for what purpose.


Jim Love


Progressive Canadian Party


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