Environment minister David Anderson


What about the dinosaurs?

Scarborough, Ontario - Thursday, October 17, 2002 By: Peggy Merritt


This whole Kyoto thing is really confusing and much of the rhetoric is certainly based on speculation.




Two things that bother me about all the information out there is that scientists cannot agree and the effect of so called green house gases, nor can they agree about what this big thing Global warming is all about.



long time

Has anyone wondered why we find dinosaur bones in the colder parts of the world? Maybe this is a natural phenomenon that takes place in million year time frames unfortunately there were no green peace activists back then.




My second concern is that we cannot achieve anything without working for a North American solution. Whether we like it or not, our economy, the environment, is so closely tied to our own continent that we surely must seek solutions that include these considerations.




Canadians should be up in arms about how this current Liberal government is handling this whole issue. I my opinion they are so distracted they are not very well informed and instead of looking for sensible solutions they are worried about the voters reaction to the hysterical media coverage.




To ignore the government clean up initiatives that have taken place by all levels of government, in both Canada and the United States, is totally unfair and if we go ahead with the approval of the accord, without at least making the effort to confer with other parts of North America, signing this agreement is totally irresponsible if not fraudulent.

Peggy Merritt

  Editor's note: Peggy Merritt is the Progressive Conservative riding president for the federal constituency of Scarborough Southwest

The image used as a background to Mr. Andrewson is fo rthe San Francisco Bay area and was provided by the courtesy of the Nation Aeronautical and Space Administration image number
  STS111-712-028 and taken June 19th this year.


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