Peter MacKay met by angry protesters in Mississauga

Toronto, Ontario, - Monday, April 12, 2004 by : Bernd Mueller




This Thursday, May 13, I drove with my son through heavy traffic to attend the following event.
  Peter MacKay was guest speaker at a fundraiser for Bob Dechert, the Federal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale. The provincial leadership candidates, John ToryFrank Klees, and Jim Flaherty along with Tony Clement were billed as special guests at the event.
  On this hot and muggy afternoon Peter MacKay's arrival at the Glenerin Inn circa 6:30 pm. in Mississauga did not go smoothly. He was greeted by an angry, and  vocal group of some 30 people, mostly former Progressive Conservative Party members  They carried signs and shouted slogans such as:
  • "Peter MacKay, once a liar, always a liar!",
  •  "You (MacKay) destroyed the PC Party, you don't know the meaning of "ethics"!"
  • "Who can trust you now?"

  • "MacKay is a hypocrite!"
  • "Who paid your campaign debt, Peter?"
  MacKay tried, unsuccessfully, to argue his case with the group for merger of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties. He admitted that, yes, he had broken his word with the PC membership, but that he had consulted Canadians about the merger. He turned on his heels, and abruptly left the discussion when someone responded, "With whom did you consult, Peter?  Not Us!"
  I was told that inside the event, MacKay was praised for his bravery in forging ahead with the merger against hostile opposition, and that he spoke briefly and offered little in the way of vision, direction or policy for the Conservative Party.




The protesters remained outside until the event wound up, waving at passers-by.




People honked horns and extended "thumbs up" waves as they slowed to read the signs.




Peter MacKay's attempt to leave through a more quiet exit was nevertheless greeted with loud yells and angry parting words such as: "Hypocrite, go home!".

Bernd Mueller



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