RBC insurance is no insurance at all

Monday, April 12, 2004




It is very odd that I was sitting here trying to figure out how to appeal dicision's made by this exact bank (RBC) and partner's in crime, Canada Life.



not good

I certainly hope there is no need for you to apply for their insurance benifit's. If you were faced with my situation you would discover, it is not good.



no mercy

I am dealing with these bank problems now and they show no mercey. I will give you a short run down of the problems i am having.



hard sell
no benefits

I will try not to make this to painful for you to read, we will start with these banks and who ever they hire to bug you at all hours of the day and night to sell you these insurance plans, that is one thing. But trying to collecting on them is a nightmare of paper work that you would not beleive.




I have the same plan you had mentioned in your article and I all so have a Royal recover assistance. They pay so much a day for a smoker, or non smoker, plus hospital stay. I guess that's how it is supposed to work.




Well my wife has been diagnosed with extensive stage small cell lung cancer. So when my wife went to the emergency room to have some problems checked out, they took an x-ray and had saw something on her lung, not knowing what it was, then we are looking at more tests down the road.




Now comes the interesting part, it says in the paper work that your coverage begins on Nov01-03 in response to my wife's claim comes this date, in October of 2003 where my wife was suffering from a pre-existing condition, or sickness.




Now that pretty well tells me this is “case closed” on collecting anything from these people. It is like you had said they are quick enough to take your money, but not thier's.




This story of your's tells me I'm not alone in this world trying to fight the big guy's.




If anyone has any ideas as to what action I should take I would be most appreciative to hear them. From my experience the statement by the insurance sellers that both my wife and I were covered is definitely not the case, without my wife being the primary card holder I fear that no coverage exists.

Author's identity withheld


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