Swift Current MLA Brad Wall

Missed boondoggles

Waldeck - Thursday, May 29, 2003 - by:Joyce Neufeld



Member of the Legislative Assembly, Brad Wall (Along with Yogi Huyghebaert, Lyle Stewart, Jason Dearborn and Wayne Elhard) have done an excellent job of keeping the Saskatchewan electorate informed of the various financial 'boondoggles' committed by the Provincial Government (Spudco, mega bingo, foreign investment ventures by crown corporations, etc. etc.).




However, in his quest for a fiscally responsible Government, Wall has missed several 'biggies'. Being a loyal 'Saskatchewanonian' I feel it my duty to assist him by mentioning those 'boondoggles' he has missed. Giga Text - the computerized French language translation service that cost Saskatchewan taxpayers $5.5million. Then the $1.5 million loss in golf simulator Joytec, and to this day, questions remain unanswered about the $2.2 million Sedco lost in White City's Rendamax GP Industries where Company president Ben Kuzmicz, (a long-time Progressive Conservative supporter), resigned his appointment on the Sedco board just days before the Sedco loan to Rendamax was approved.




Between 1982 and 1991, the Saskatchewan Economic Development Corp. (SEDCO) - the province's former lender of last resort lost $115 million of taxpayers money . Among the biggest losses:

  • Impact Packaging Systems, a $17.2 million loss (In Wall's own Swift Current constituency);
  • Intercontinental Packers, a $16.8 million loss;
  • Federated Co-op, a $15 million loss;
  • Flex-coil, a $10 million loss; and
  • Westank Willock, a $7.4 million loss.

All taxpayers money flushed down the drain by the Government of the day. The same Government that drove this province multi-billion dollars into debt during it's years of power.




OOPS.......That was your Government (Under Grant Devine) wasn't it Mr. Wall??

Joyce Neufeld



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