Part-time scam

Waldeck - Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - by:Henry Neufeld

Leader Post, Sept 13/05 – Twenty Year Safeway Employee dying of cancer. Because this employee worked all those years as part time, now at her greatest need, she does not qualify for disability or other employee benefits (one of many perils for part time workers).

Leader Post Jan 21/06 – Safeway is replacing retiring employees with nearly 300 part timers. Safeway ’s John Graham says “there will be a considerable saving for Safeway because many of the new workers will be starting at the bottom of the waged scale”.

These are hardly good news stories for workers in Saskatchewan.

But, that ’s not half of it. Who in this province does not remember what happened a few months ago when the present Provincial Government tried to limit the numbers of part time employees large businesses (over 50 employees) could have on the payroll. It was none other than Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party, with support from the business lobby leading an all out attack against the proposed legislation.

Now, with the legislature back at work, Mr. Wall is back to his carping about the NDP being incapable of changing the labour laws of Saskatchewan (Leader Post Mar. 14/06).

As we inch closer to a new election, it ’s time Mr. Wall comes clean on the Saskatchewan Party ’s hidden agenda for workers in this province.

It has never been a secret that one of the planks in the Saskatchewan Party ’s platform is to change labour legislation to make it more business friendly should they win the right to govern this province. That could well be more bad news for workers.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Wall is promising to cut taxes for those same businesses that made their profits in this province, many of which did very well on the backs of part time workers.

Mr. Wall ’s plan for Saskatchewan is beginning to look a lot like the Devine years, but that should surprise no one, after all that ’s where Mr. Wall cut his political teeth.


Henry Neufeld



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