"Equalization Promise Kept!!"

Waldeck - Tuesday, September 25, 2007 - by: Henry Neufeld

I received in my mail box a glossy four page pamphlet from my M.P. David Anderson (Cypress Hills – Grasslands) with a big headline “Equalization Promise Kept”!!

Mr. Anderson explains the Conservative Government delivered $878 million in new federal money for Saskatchewan “Budget 2007”. Mr. Anderson also enumerated the federal programs this new money supports. Support for agriculture – Biofuels – Child tax credit – increase in capital gains exemption – plus some other minor programmes.

Whoa, that is not the equalization promise the Conservatives made to the people of Saskatchewan during the last election. But Mr. Anderson already knows that, so why does he not tell the truth?

The commitment the Conservatives made was to remove non-renewable resources from the equalization formula “Period”. That commitment contained no caveats, caps or claw backs that somehow are now part of the formula.

The actual promise made would have given Saskatchewan $800 million each and every year which Saskatchewan could spend as it saw fit. The promise was not an equalization formula that will reduce Saskatchewan’s share of equalization to zero in two years. There is a major difference.

The Conservatives are now trying to bribe their way out of their commitment is not going to fool anyone.


Henry Neufeld



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