Tunnel Vision

St. Johns, Newfoundland - Thursday, June 19, 2003 - by: Sherri Northcott


Let's put the facts on the table, you are opposed to same-sex marriage. There isn't anything other than the repeal of the Court decision that will make you happy. That is sad and unfortunate - sad for you, unfortunate for me.




I am a lesbian and a rather conservative one at that. I did not choose to be a lesbian, it is a part, and only a part, of who I am. In my day-to-day life with friends and family I am free, but in the big, bad, ugly, judgemental and insecure world, I have to wear riot gear to deal with the tunnel vision views of individuals not unlike yourself. Do I let my co-workers know and will it affect our work relationship? If I sit in a restuarant with my partner, will we be harrassed? It is a constant juggling act of assessing and evaluating. I AM TIRED!!




What is so threatening to you(collectively)? Is it that you may actually see happy, blissful same-sex couples, or are you afraid we may steal your spouses with the promise of, god forbid, domestic equality, or is it that we may be just as normal as you?
  I am tired of having people other than myself deciding how I can live my life. The public debate is getting old and if it wasn't for a strong sense of self, it can be rather deflating.


All we (people in the gay community) want is the SAME rights and freedoms as you (heterosexuals) currently enjoy. With whom we (consenting GLBTs) spend our private personal lives should not be judged by those who are most judgemental. Leave it to the Courts, the emotionally unbiased ruler, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to determine the laws of the land.


Sherri Northcott




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