Deputy Prime Minsiter John Manley


St. Boniface - Thursday, March 21, 2002 - by: Mike Reilly


The corruption of John Manley has begun. While many believed the new deputy Prime Minsiter would restore some integrity to this decrepit Liberal government, it would appear that he is beginning to fall in line with Mr. Chretien's policy of "deny, deny and cover up".



telling it
like it is

In the recent past, Manley has distinguished himself from his cabinet colleagues by telling it like it is in regards to Canada's failure to live up to our NATO commitments and the impacts of a low dollar to Canadian competitiveness.




However, this month marks a change in direction of Manley's moral compass. Scandal continues to creep from former Minister Alfonso Gagliano's Public Works department. Allegations of pressuring staff to hire friends, sweetheart funding to Quebec festivals, and now paying over $1 million to a Liberal donor for duplicate lists of potential sponsorship events.


At the same time, Gagliano stands before the foreign affairs committee defending his qualifications to be appointed ambassador to Denmark. Mr. Manley said Gagliano was not to be questioned about his record as minister. Liberal committee members complied and halted questioning by opposition members.




An ambassador is in a position to influence the hiring of staff and the letting of service contracts. It would be logical to determine whether a candidate has performed similar duties in a fair and ethical manner.




How can Manley justify protecting Gagliano's ministerial record from such inquiries? Mr. Gagliano must be made to answer the allegations against him during the time that he was the Minister of Public Works. Until then, the Prime Minister must suspend his appointment to Denmark.




Unfortunately, Canadians can no longer look to John Manley to restore any accountability to government.


Mike Reilly
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