Mike Reilly and Joe Clark

New agenda needed

St. Boniface - Tuesday, September 3, 2002 - by: Mike Reilly


In his search for a legacy, the Prime Minister has overlooked the only heritage he has earned: severely low expectations on the part of the voter.

poor voter
turn out

Canadians have such little faith that any government member has the vision or courage to solve the important issues facing the nation, they no longer bother to cast a ballot.




This sad truth is displayed in the apparent popularity of Paul Martin; his appeal is solely based on his being a nice guy who hasn't yet had a turn. Neither Mr. Martin, nor any other Liberal MP's have a single fresh idea to bring to the public.




Despite apparent economic growth, the dollar continues below 65¢, hurting any business relying on equipment or services from abroad. A year after September 11th, our military is no better prepared to serve in combat, and there are no plans to improve in the next budget.

health care
trade issues

Roy Romanows's report on health care will be added to the pile of reports but will the Commission's efforts be wasted? Solutions are needed to reduce environmental degradation that do not negatively impact the economy or international trade. A new economy of sustainability is needed for Canada's agricultural producers that reduces reliance on government subsidies and increases the strength of rural communities.



part of

The government has spent three mandates drifting, while diverting billions to Crown corporations and awarding advertising contracts to party supporters. Paul Martin spent nine years as second-in-command voted along with the Prime Minister.


As parliament resumes in September, Canadians must demand that the government develop a new agenda for leading the country. Otherwise, the Liberals can fight for the leadership of a party on it's way to the opposition benches.


Mike Reilly



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