St. Boniface - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - by: Mike Reilly


The anniversary of the September 11 attacks should serve as a wake up call to anyone who attended a Paul Martin barbeque over the summer. If you bought a Liberal membership in support of this man or lined up to shake his hand, be aware that it was he who watched over the continued dismantling of Canada's military.


Even in the face of threat to our own security and the pleas from several House of Commons and Senate committees, Martin refused to supply the funds needed to allow Canada's fighting men and women to fulfill their duties. While previous governments decreased the military budget as part of the "peace dividend" following the fall of the Soviet empire, Mr. Martin has driven today's armed forces to the point where we can no longer support even our NATO commitments, must less assist the US in any further anti-terrorist activities.




He and Jean Chretien are equally guilty of distributing public money for partisan means over the public good.




We are fortunate that the quality of our military personnel allowed them to serve in Afghanistan with honour, despite a lack of equipment, transportation, camouflage or staff for a second rotation. If Paul Martin can wreak so much havoc to Canada's national security (and health care, agriculture, the dollar etc.) as Finance Minister, Heaven help us should he ever become Prime Minister.


Mike Reilly

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