Program Mismanagement A Hallmark

St. Boniface - Friday, January 10, 2003 - by: Mike Reilly


Martin Cauchon must consider his responsibility as federal Justice Minister to be that of Liberal party protector rather than Canadian public servant. Otherwise, there could be no logical explanation for his continued, and often indignant, defence of the disastrous gun registration system. Despite no evidence whatsoever that the current system accomplishes any of its goals of preventing and fighting crime, Cauchon has pledged to complete the program without exception.




As an example of program mismanagement, recent figures show costs of $160 million to create the computer system initially combined with a current expenditure of $36 million for an upgrade. Keep in mind this is money spent on a database of names, addresses and firearms information. It does not perform multifaceted analysis or run complex program protocols. In this way, it is similar to the database your local phone company uses to produce the phone book each year. I guarantee no phone company spends nearly $200 million to manage it's customer database or spend 22% of program cost every five years on upgrades.




Canadians have every right to be outraged at the degree of deception shown by all the Justice Ministers who oversaw the gun registry's implementation as well as former Finance Minister Paul Martin who approved continued spending well above the estimated costs for years. Such a lack of accountability in program management has been a hallmark of this Liberal government. Do not reward them for mismanaging public money by electing another Liberal government.




Mike Reilly

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