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Early election issue

St. Boniface - Tuesday, January 28, 2003 - by: Mike Reilly


Canadians should be upset with a Prime Minister using flawed electoral reform legislation as tool to maintain his control of the Liberal Party. On the surface, we all agree that the influence of money needs to be removed from Parliament, but such a move should not create a further tax burden for the voters. As it stands, Mr. Chretien's proposal to eliminate corporate donations would include an increase in public financing of political parties to make up the short fall.




While Mr. Chretien claims he is doing this in the interests of democracy, his solution for increased public financing is the most undemocratic of all. Voters should at least have the option of which party they donate to, not have additional tax dollars funding parties they do not support. In addition, the proposal makes the system even less competitive because it will reward incumbent parties with more funding. The odds that a sitting government could be unseated become more unlikely in Mr. Chretien's proposal.




It is ironic that a government which has dolled out enormous contracts to companies which donate the most to the Liberal Party, is now looking to change it's image. Although the current rules do allow for corporate donations, it is the practice of unethical government that allows those corporations to exert influence. Canadians should have little confidence that a Liberal party which has shown such an ability to bend the existing rules would not circumvent new rules to keep their election war chests full. If the Prime Minister calls an early election over this issue, Canadians should send the Liberals a message that they want Ottawa returned to the people.




Mike Reilly

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