Expansion of Human Rights

St. Boniface - Friday, March 7, 2003 - by: Mike Reilly


The United States has suffered international criticism for it's stand on Iraq but has gone virtually unrecognized for it's single biggest achievement of a young 21st Century. By forcing the United Nations to require Iraq re-admit weapons inspectors, the United States has pulled back the curtain to reveal the United Nations for what it is: a collection of some of the world's worst dictators and despotic regimes voting together to prevent the emancipation of nearly one half the world's population. Considering that Libya sits as the head of the United Nations human rights commission while Syria and China vote on the Security council, it is no wonder there has been such inertia to get Saddam Hussein to conform to the terms of the cease fire in 1991.




While the rest of the world has been content to believe that participating in various United Nations Summits in pleasant parts of the world makes a difference, the United States stood up and said that unless the United Nations was prepared to back up it's decisions with force, then the entire organization was meaningless. Now Prime Minister Chretien is recommending a United Nations compromise but finding his terms to satisfy no one. Given the current structure of the United Nations security council, there could be no middle ground between those nations who support Iraq and the enforcement of Resolution 1441.



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Our legacy-seeking Prime Minister should show himself to be a man of vision and Canada a nation of initiative. He could recommend the United States, Britain, Italy, Australia and other genuine democratic nations seek to work together to ensure genuine world peace through the legitimate expansion of human rights.



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Despite our small population and minimal military capability, Canada could play a role as a sensible, middle power, brokering negotiations between nations.The United States does not want to be the world's policeman. It only does so because no one else has heeded the call.




Mike Reilly



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