Solving the problems he created

St. Boniface - Friday, May2, 2003 - by: Mike Reilly


Paul Martin left cabinet nearly a year ago to work on his bid to succeed Jean Chretien and the best solution he has comes up with to fix health care is moving patients on waiting lists to another province? (Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen April 28) This is the sort of quick-on-his-feet thinking we want leading the country? Rather that a reasoned approach to reducing delivery costs, defining areas of specialization, increasing staffing and improving efficiencies in the system, Martin wants to play a shell game with ill Canadians, shuffling them from region to region in an effort to make them disappear.




This idea is not surprising from the Finance Minister who's solution for budget deficits was to push costs off to the provinces rather that eliminate wasteful federal spending. Given his history we can expect Martin to recommend moving students between Canada's universities to resolve the high cost of post secondary education, ship lumber from one mill to the next to settle the softwood dispute and have cod fishers from Newfoundland switch places with Prairie farmers to end their problems.




Let's hope he spends a little more time thinking before the November leadership convention.




Mike Reilly

  Kennedy, Mark, Martin takes shots at Liberals, (PDF) April 28, 2003, Vancouver Sun


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