St. Andrews, NB - Friday, October 19, 2001 - by: Chuck Schom


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St. Andrews, NB
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Dear Editor,


I reviewed a list of those who died in the Collapse of the World Trade Centre. They seemed to have a component in common. One, I think, I share. It would have killed me also.




I would not have left my desk given that the planes hit 40 or so stories above me.




I mention this because I have no intentions of being intimidated, yet plan to be more cautious.




Let me draw a parallel. The nation was in a panic over AIDS, children barred from school, etc.. Those with it, and to some extent still, avoided. I do not avoid them. I try not to shake hands with anyone when I have an abrasion, but then I never have like physical contact of any kind with strangers.


  We as a nation and world will adjust. The Terrorists make a big mistake by continuing the attacks, if that is what the Anthrax letters are and not another crazy or two like the Uni-bomber or whatever he was called. Yes, we adjusted to AIDS, we will adjust to this,


The same is true today as when AIDS appeared. I don't plan to change the way I live much. I do plan to "watch my back" more then I used to. I plan to stay more alert, much as I do when I go through unsavory parts of Toronto, Vancouver, etc. or for that matter any City.
  However, the probability of dieing goes up given certain kinds of inaction on our governments part. In 6 to 8 months I expect to start routing myself through the US when I fly. I prefer the dangers associated with having armed "Sky Marshals" on planes to that of Armed Fighters trying to force Terrorists to land a plane safely.
  Yours truly,
  Charles B. Schom