Priorities seem very odd

Winnipeg - Monday, September 16, 2002 - by: Kristy Sewell




If, as Canadians, we want to protect the things that our country stands for, we need a stronger defense. We need to support our troops better. They need better, newer equipment, not other countries' cast offs.




Instead of the Prime Minister buying himself new jets, we should have replaced the Sea Kings.




We MUST be able to defend that which we hold dear:

  • the freedom to worship whomever we please
  • the right to defend those who need defending
  • the power to defeat those who would take that from us.




Our military needs more money; standing17th out of 19 among NATO countries in defense spending is a disgrace. But we have the money to lose 1 billion in Human Resources Development Corporation. We have enough money to pay friends of the Liberal government millions for advertising contracts that aren't necessary. We have enough to buy new jets for the Prime Minister. Enough money for 'Just For Laughs' festivals in Quebec. We just don't have enough to protect our values and our sovereignty.


Priorities seem very odd.




If we hold sovereignity as important to us, we need to have a military that are able to protect our values.



Kristy Sewell

  Ottawa neglecting Cdn military forces: report


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