Terrorists not poor

Winnipeg - Saturday, September 28, 2002 - by: Kristy Sewell




Who are these people? The 85% of Canadians that Ipsos Reid says agree with Jean Chretien's ill timed and asinine comments that were broadcast Sept 11 2002 in which he states that Western greed is the cause of the terrorist attacks. These people apparently agree with this ridiculous and insensitive comment.




There are a number of huge holes in Mr Chretien's theory. First of all, those who planned and executed the attacks, assassinating 3000 innocent civilians, were not, in fact, from poor countries. Rather, most of the terrorists, were in reality, citizens born to wealthy families in the wealthy, oil rich nation of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not a country that suffers from a lack of money. Rather, it suffers from a lack of democracy.




Blaming poor countries for terrorism is unfair to the world's economically strapped nations. It was reported last week that a very poor tribe in Africa sold sixteen of its precious few cows and sent the proceeds to the victims of the Sept 11 attacks in New York. These were not people celebrating in the streets after the attacks, in the manner of citizens residing in several oil rich Middle Eastern countries. These are poor people in poor countries who were desperately saddened by the horrific events of last year.




So, my question is: the 85% Ipsos Reid says agrees with Chretien's statements, is it 85% of his inner cabinet?


For I can't imagine that 85% of the citizens of our country could possibly agree with Chretien's dreadful, embarrassing comments. At least, I hope they don't.







Kristy Sewell



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