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Save this Bold, Beautiful Canadian Story

Hamilton, Ontario, - Friday, September 24, 2004 by : Rob Shanahan

'The U.S. is in grave danger of becoming a deeply divided, dysfunctional society'

David Crane, The Toronto Star; Sept. 11


Want to read a heartwarming, proud Canadian story?  --Choose this Crane piece.  A venerable social democrat, Crane gleans from the International Labour Organization's recent audit. Voila! --His intimate brand of established, economically astute writing. 


Citing from Crane's (ILO) "did you know?" file:
  1. America's incarceration numbers are much higher than any other industrialized nation. Most prisoners, were they within the labour force, would be jobless. This would mushroom America's unemployment rate. Indeed, Canada's employment rate is higher than USA's.

  2. Some forty-five million Americans hold zero health insurance. Yet, Canada's universal medical system runs cheaper.

  3. No wonder one in ten Americans prefer living in "gated" communities. USA’s neighborly bonds break down, as she tilts hard right —towards blind, pitiless egotism. Cautions Crane, Canada must defy America’s cultural yank.

  4. USA's monstrous income divide widens, spawning communal disintegration. --America's top 1% owns ~40% of all her wealth. --Her top 20% commands 94%.
  5. Some 53% of Los Angeles County workers are functionally illiterate.  Asks Crane, "How to you sustain a democratic (OR) knowledge-based society with ... (such darkness)?"




Crane argues “Made in America” represents the absolute contrary policy for Canada's well-being.  USA continues breeding disunity, dissension in socio-economic ranks. This culture bears progressive meltdown. As America’s clock ticks backward, Canada's social-democratic philosophy marches forward. A soulful Canada champions justice; in social crisis, injustice has USA’s number on it!


  Crane’s words echo wisdom. He's not beholden to some Fraser Institute, some perverse, neo-Con (Harper) outfit.

Rob Shanahan

  Regrettably the article referred to here is no longer available online free.
  Toronto Star, David Crane Economics Editory


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