An affront to the Intelligence of Canadians

Kelowna, B.C. - Sunday, September 22, 2002 By: Bryan St. George


The budget is an affront to the intelligence of Canadians!
  Two things stand out in particular.
  Firstly there is obviously no money for new helicopters which we need so badly, so it is evident that if a purchase is made it will mean an increase in taxes that are already too high, or deficit budgeting.
  The second is even more offensive and odious, which is the commitment to fund research to assist tobacco growers. To fund research to grow poison, using taxes that are intended to pay for medical aid for those who are poisoned by it is absolutely disgusting. It would be more to the point if they funded research into alternative crops to replace tobacco, provided the funding was on an equal basis to that given other Canadian farmers faced with difficult times.


Shame, shame on the Liberals!

Bryan St. George