Why are the Harper's Quebec attack ads being continued?

Ottawa, Ontario - Monday, February 19, 2007 - by: Brad Thomson
  Stéphane Dion raises an interesting point. Harper is running attack ads against the federal Liberals in Quebec on the eve of a provincial election. He refuses to hold them off during the pending Quebec election. This will damage to some extent the chances of the provincial Liberals. It will help, to some extent, the cause of those who would separate Quebec from Canada. Harper knows this. So what is he up to?
  We know that our Prime Minister is on record as stating that he does not care how many Canada's there are. That greater integration with America would be best. That we should have been in Iraq. That Alberta should build a firewall around itself. That the provinces should have much more power and Ottawa far less.
  Furthermore, the general theme of the attack ads has been to slam Dion on the environment. But in point of fact, Harper is attacking the Liberals for doing nothing about an alleged problem that he himself, at the time and all along, claimed did not exist. It was only the unusually late arrival of winter in Ottawa that lead to Harper's sudden and mystical conversion.
  It is fascinating that he rejected all of the scientific evidence and then found the light based solely upon a few weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures. Therefore, in the attack ads Harper is admitting that he was wrong all along, that he was an inept leader of the opposition, and that he was absolutely mistaken on the most important problem facing mankind.
  So now he attacks someone whose inaction, if in fact it was inaction, agreed with his own position, and at risk of the separatists winning the next election in Quebec?

His purposes for doing so must be questioned.

Brad Thomson




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