Edmonton - Tuesday, May 7, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton

man of
his word

High in the polls, yet treated so unfairly by some, our Prime Minister has always been a man of his word.




He said he would improve our military, buying the best subs the British Navy had in mothballs, ships with a proven ability to submerge. It is our misfortune these tin-cans have enough dents and busted pipes to raise concern that they might one day fail to rise back to the surface.




When he said he wouldn't fly in Brian Mulroney's "Taj Mahal" aircraft, he meant it. Why take to the skies in an antiquated mausoleum when one could build a pair of more expensive birds and spend their twilight years holding court in an airborne "Versailles."




Mr. Chretien was honest with us when our soon-to-be PM promised in 1993 to scrap Brian Mulroney's order for modern replacements for our aging Sea King helicopter fleet. Of course, he didn't tell us that in doing so it would cost a half-billion bucks of our money, or that he wouldn't replace the museum pieces with anything for at least the following decade. Meanwhile, the Sea Kings continue to prove that what goes up must come down, sometimes with a bang.




"Honest Jean" said he wasn't the owner of that golf course everyone was talking about a while back, and he had the hand-written bill of sale on a napkin to prove it. He is a man of democratic principle, and Lord help any Liberal backbencher who says otherwise, not that we Canadians are encouraged to use the term "Lord" in a spiritual sense anymore. With such a legacy, is it any wonder the guy is so popular.


Ron Thornton