Our Canadian Monarchy

Edmonton - Friday, June 4, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton
  Count me as one of those who believes the monarchy in Canada, as it presently stands, should be abolished. I am embarrassed by this institution that continues to cause so much division and embarrassment. Sure, there are those who actually believe in retaining this individual, but how much intrigue do we need, how many more people need to be hurt?
  There are those who find some misplaced value in recognizing an anniversary that marks decades of public service. My thinking is such a celebration would be a further waste of public funds.
  It is time we make a clean break, to at the very least turn the sceptre over to a man who has waited so long to rule. We seek one with a vision that includes the hopes and dreams of the people, rather than just their own personal ambition and glory. This once perceived champion of the people has changed much over the past forty years, especially so since succeeding to the throne.
  If only we had a monarch like Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, a truly regal personage. I understand she is entitled to award peerages, medals, and other such honours to her subjects, something she certainly is not allowed to do for us poor Canadians. That is the domain of our own King Jean, the perpetual ruler of our land.
  His heir apparent has gotten the axe and our monarch is determined to remain in power, even as reports of scandal continue to dominate the presses. It is enough to turn one into a republican or, at the very least, a supporter of democracy.


Ron Thornton