Kyoto Agreement

Edmonton - Saturday, February 23, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton
  I am proud we have a government that never breaks its promises; that will stick to its Kyoto protocol agreement and slash Canada of greenhouse gas emissions by 6% of their 1990-levels. Anything that would see us living like our 1890 ancestors can't be all bad. The only pollution caused by the passage of fuel through their four-legged vehicles was picked up with a shovel. Then again, I guess wood and coal fires would be out, which would make for a long Canadian winter. With the search for clean, affordable alternative sources of energy more rhetoric than results, those of us who rely on a home, business, or mode of transportation that blows smoke could face some harsh realities.




In the spirit of Kyoto, we could expect additional carbon taxes at the pumps, even greater costs for natural gas and electricity, which in turn would rise the price of everything else. As we do our best to reduce our own economy and standard of living, the developing nations who produce half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions face no reduction targets. Imagine the effects on our dollar on the world market as the United States and Japan ignore Kyoto to keep their industrial complexes running full tilt.




Kyoto may make as much sense as growing a petunia patch in the hopes of countering the stench from the pig farm next door, but who said being green would be easy? I'm sure you agree that your personal sacrifice is just a small price to pay to help make our national leaders look good in front of their Kyoto buddies. Hey, a promise is a promise.




Ron Thornton