Edmonton - Friday, June 28, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


For far too long we have sat on the sidelines, letting the world get away from us. It is time we reserved-types liberate ourselves and hit the streets to bring attention to whatever ticks us off. Like the recent G-8 protesters, I too want someone to draw letters upon my butt cheeks so that I can publically drop my drawers to spell out whatever concerns me. I too want to be a whiney with a hiney. Of course, I fear that even my fellow protesters would prefer I wear fur than to see me naked.




To be serious, I do think it was supremely irresponsible to spend up to half-a-billion bucks of our tax dollars so Mr. Chretien's could have his little soiree at Kananaskis with his seven buddies. Don't they have decent accommodations within the mountain at NORAD headquarters for these gentlemen and their posses? Maybe a tent on the White House lawn, an area already under great security, might yield a rustic experience more economically than in the Alberta bush.




Doesn't anyone have a bunker anymore to keep these folks safe for a 30-hour gabfest?




For the money they spent, our government could have created half of yet another totally bungled gun registry, or bought modern equipment for our military. We could have given some African nation, or even one of our own communities, safe drinking water. It is so darn frustrating.




Still, I'll limit my protest to forums such as this and the electoral process. Something tells me that exposing my graffiti smeared buttocks is not the route to take if I actually want my concerns to be taken seriously.


Ron Thornton

  The Toronto Star, The demonstrations go on as the clothing comes off Calgary braces for more serious morning march through downtown core, By Jim Rankin Jun. 26, 2002. 12:01 AM