Seeking Real Solutions For Real Problems

Edmonton - Thursday, June 6, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


There are certain things we can not control. Take the weather for instance, where its been so dry that the only moisture that has fallen on my yard recently was provided by a flock of Canada geese.



UN take
of Kashmir

Then there are things we can control. India and Pakistan are threatening to light up the sky with nukes over land famous primarily for the fleece of its goats. Might I suggest that a short-term solution to the Kashmir question consists of having the United Nations strip the territory from both countries until a solution can be found. Whenever my young sons fight over a toy, I take possession of it until they work things out. Surely what works for two seven-year old children can also work for world leaders who act as if they also are seven-years old.




The fresh air and smog-free skies presently enjoyed by my children allow me to reject the Kyoto Accord. This is made especially easy when the alternative offers the risk of financial ruin and destitution. The air quality may have been better in the Middle Ages, but the quality of life was not. I'm not willing to turn back that clock. However, if the proponents of Kyoto have a cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels to talk to me about, I'm willing to listen. If they don't, then I suggest they have work to do.



that make

It takes real work to discover real solutions, inspired by real leadership. Minds that are limited to addressing issues in a fashion that only creates even greater problems can best be illustrated by the streaks those geese left on my house.


Ron Thornton