Our children's real role models

Edmonton - Monday, February 11, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


While we in Alberta are in the midst of a teacher's strike, there is something we should remember. School teachers should not be the greatest influence in the lives of our children; the children's parents should be.




The hours we devote to our children should far outweigh any volunteerism put forth by even the most giving educator. If you are not your child's role model, your child's inspiration, your child's teacher, or even your child's loving disciplinarian, then might I suggest that you are failing your child.



for learning

Parents should not only be accountable for their own missteps, but for the actions of their minor aged children. That is part of our job, and it should not be the role of a teacher to act as a surrogate parent. Their job is to provide our children with an academic education, and nothing has changed unless our progressive society hasn't turned out all that progressive afterall.




In my childhood, classroom size was between twenty-eight and thirty-one students. I was held accountable for my actions in school by my teachers, school administrators, and especially by my parents. Those who needed special attention received special attention, while those who did not were allowed to move forward unimpeded.



a calling

Teaching was a calling, like being a pastor or country doctor, while those who sought rich monetary reward left to try their luck out in the real world.



our job

My children have been blessed with outstanding educators in their short time in the school system, yet it is incumbent upon me to also ensure they have loving, caring, and responsible parents who are their most important role models and teachers. We do what we do for our children not for any monetary reward, but purely out of love. That is our job.




Ron Thornton