Rebecca Clements Holte
(July 7, 1968 - April 14, 2003)

Edmonton - Friday, April 18, 2003 - by: Ron Thornton


Easter will have more meaning for members of my wife's family this year. Earlier this week, my sister-in-law passed away suddenly at the much too young an age of 34. Rebecca Clements Holte dearly loved children, especially her cherished nieces and nephews. She was the kind who would go out to rent a movie and end up buying a dozen or more so that she might be able to share them with these children who meant the most to her. Rebecca was the kind who stocked up on Easter treats for the younger ones, treats they will get to share in one final time this weekend.




She was known as Aunt Ducky to some, and not merely for the fact that it was the closest her eldest niece could pronounce Becky. She got lost on family holidays, wandering off to see the ducks. She would go camping with her husband, only to wander back to the site followed by an entire flock of new found waddling feathered friends.




Birds and children had a special place in the heart of this person blessed with life long friends who were drawn to her generous and vibrant personality. Still, Rebecca was not one to naturally accept guff from anyone. While my wife was teaching her sister to drive a car with a manual transmission, Rebecca managed to stall the thing in the middle of a busy intersection. As the horns of upset drivers went off around her, she smiled that sweet smile that was part angel and part imp, and offered up her own one-finger salute in return.


As much as her memory makes me smile or causes me to chuckle, it is her own laughter I'll probably miss the most. It burst forth with a freshness, and a lusty cheekiness, that had a way of refreshing one like a spring rain. How I yearn to hear her laughter again. Of course, the promise of Easter is that someday I will. As those who loved her grieve her loss this weekend, we also wish to share with you the joy we have in remembering those we miss, and the hope of an eventual reunion that is the basis for this holiday.




Ron Thornton




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