In Search Of Intelligent Life

Edmonton - Tuesday, July 8, 2003 - by: Ron Thornton


If, someday, visitors from another world should visit our own, I wonder what the chances are that they might stumble upon some form of intelligent life. We humans just do not seem to be it. Often I have marveled at how absent-minded the characters of Biblical stories seem to be, such as the followers of Moses. How clueless does one have to be in order to forget about a God that parted the seas to allow you to get away from Pharaoh's army, only to trade Him in for a golden calf forged by your favorite smithy? Then again, all we have to do is look around and see that we all have a lot in common with those folks as we search out our own Promised Land.


We see children who kill, attack, steal, and vandalize, and our response is to protect them and their guardians from the rebuke of societal scrutiny, and we have the gall to call this progress. We erode and cheapen the time proven building blocks of our society, citing the failures of some as a reason to further devalue our institutions rather than seek to correct society's ills by rebuking those who fail to live up to their responsibilities. Instead of seeking out new ideas and creative solutions for an ever evolving society to meld with traditional values, we use such initiatives to accommodate social minorities as an excuse to tear down and abandon what is best about us.




We enter into debate with those who embrace what we oppose, demonstrate their folly by going through their arguments point by point to expose them for the nonsense they are. We sit smugly back awaiting our opponents to defend the indefensible, but they don't. They simply dismiss us and our arguments by ignoring them, sidestepping an exercise that might have caused them to actually think, so that they might return to the blissful chanting of their illogical nonsense unimpeded by reason.


  Of course, I realize that this may be beyond some to understand. After all, everything written here is no more complex than what might be written by a child in junior high. Still, we forge ahead, refusing to abandon the field to the maniacal, uninformed, ignorant, and irrational in the hopes that we might one day stumble upon some form of intelligent life.




Ron Thornton




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