Extreme Enough To Become
Our Next Prime Minister?

Edmonton - Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - by: Ron Thornton Marriage, Be It Same Sex, Same Family, Same Harem


What will become of this country as, after years of division, the Conservative Party of Canada has emerged with a newly elected leader, one born in the western backwater town of Toronto, Ontario. He has strange ideas, ones that might seem strange when compared to the kind of federal government Canadians have become familiar with. Stephen Harper once suggested building firewalls around Alberta. We would be aghast, if not for the fact that thus far no one, not even a Liberal, has thus far suggested dismantling the firewalls that are currently in place serving the people of Ontario and Quebec. So, it would seem that firewalls, which would merely protect and enforce those areas that are already the exclusive constitutional powers of provincial legislatures, are good things.



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Protecting provincial rights is something apparently not lost upon the people of central Canada, and such rights should not be lost in either the West or along the shores of the Atlantic. We know the Liberal view on this, as the people of Newfoundland and Labrador became so educated through the 1967 Upper Churchill pact that cost that province billions in energy revenue. Has this view changed? Ask any Nova Scotian if they have been able to reap the full benefits of its rich off shore oil reserves. Harper, no doubt an extremist who is outside the mainstream of Liberal political opinion, seeks to right these wrongs.




Imagine a politician who is not trying to hide anything from you. Imagine such an extremist, a person of integrity and honour, actually leading this nation. Imagine such a man as Prime Minister, securing a legacy that has nothing to do with pepper spraying our own, golf course loans, missing millions, wasted billions, nothing to hide, and no one saying he lied. Unlike Paul Martin's former ships, I do not believe Stephen Harper's automobile bears a license plate of convenience from the Bahamas.




We are told that Harper's election marks the death of moderation in the Conservative Party of Canada. This is true, if by moderation they mean being unable to effectively stand against the corruption of a government that has given us politicians and bureaucrats who have refused and continue to refuse to take responsibility for both their actions and inactions. If moderation means impotence, if moderation means allowing Liberals a free rein to run this nation as if it were some third-rate banana republic, then I suggest that such moderation has done a great disservice to this land. It would seem that, by their definition, anyone not willing to perpetuate a Liberal government in Ottawa must be an extremist. The polls seem to indicate that many of us, if we have not already become such an extremist, are contemplating becoming one.



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If that is the case, then maybe we will turn to someone who is extreme enough to be honest, thoughtful,  and blessed with both integrity and a moral compass to guide our ship of state. Maybe it is time we make a change that will allow Canadians to enjoy some real moderation, real tolerance, real public service, real public debate, and a vision that focuses on uniting us rather than one seeking to continually divide us. That would not only be extreme, that would be downright radical.




It would be about time.


Ron Thornton




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