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The Race Card Played On American Idol?

Edmonton - Tuesday, April 27, 2004 - by: Ron Thornton Marriage, Be It Same Sex, Same Family, Same Harem


Jennifer Hudson gets booted off of American Idol and some figure the reason must be due to racism. Just maybe it is because the voters, like me, did not much care for someone better equipt to be a melodic hog caller than a singing diva. She has a big voice, but I want someone who can use their voice to take me away, not drive me awa,y or call me for dinner. I would expect many to disagree, as the lady does have talent, but the simple fact is her vocal stylings are simply not for me.
  George Huff, on the other hand, has shown the right stuff. This young man takes you for a ride, bringing tons of energy and enthusiasm to combine with a wonderful voice to give one a truly musical experience. He is my pick for the American Idol, and it has nothing to do with race.


Was it racist for Amy Adams to get the boot, even though she reminded me a lot of Cyndi Lauper? Was it racist for Jon Peter Lewis to get sent down the road, despite his terrifically quirky personality, enthusiasm, and pleasant voice?


As for the other two so-called divas, they have tons of talent but can equally rock my world, or find me reaching for the remote. LaToya London has superb poise, star-quality vocals, but also has the capacity of lulling me to sleep on a voyage of the bland. Fantasia Barrino has an unique voice, the enthusiasm of a great southern gospel singer, but thus far is just as capable of striking out with me as she does in hitting a home run.


The other three survivors from this season of American Idol are the youngest, and seem to suffer in being compared to their more mature fellow contestants. Diana DeGarmo can really belt out a tune, but not with much consistency. Jasmine Trias is a sweet young gal who has ability, but is even less consistent than Diana. However, they both did well in an episode that I felt, unlike Judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, was the least impressive of the lot. Even Mr. Huff failed to impress me that week. As for the much maligned John Stevens, he is a wonderful sixteen year old, poised beyond his years, but appears wrapped up tighter than a drum. Nice voice but with little power and no edge. Too much Dean Martin, not enough Rod Stewart. However, regardless of the criticisms he has taken, he has not lashed out, made a scene, or in any other way irritated me. Maybe that is one reason the voters have kept him around, and not others.
  Randy Jackson, the third judge, is wrong. Like the music industry itself, this is a popularity contest. Combine amazing talent with a compelling personality to attract viewer support and you win. Fail to have a good dose of either, and you end up like Jennifer Hudson.


Ron Thornton




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