Harper's outrage not surprising.

West Bay, Nova Scotia - Friday, April 1, 2005 - by: Dr. Phyllis Wagg
Stephen Harper's reaction to the selection of two Progressive Conservative women for the Senate is in one sense expected but in another surprising.

As an anti-federalist who supports the idea that Senators should be elected by provincial governments, Harper's outrage is not surprising. It is not surprising that he would find the selection of women, especially, women with concerns about the environment, human rights, the poor, and women's rights, as "insulting." These are not issues that are of central concern to the new Conservatives.

What is surprising is that Harper has finally acknowledged the virtual elimination of Progressive Conservative values from the new Conservative Party. Harper's response to the women's decision to sit as Progressive Conservatives was to characterize that party name as:
"usually a euphemism now for people who support the Liberal Party federally." Progressive Conservatives, if there are still some in the party, are obviously such as fringe element that they are invisible to the professional wing of the party.

Many non-right-wing, moderate conservatives, saw the merger as a strategy meant to destroy their influence in Canadian politics. Harper's assumption that this group is now firmly entrenched in the Liberal Party federally may be wishful thinking.

With over 800,000 fewer votes for the new Conservative Party in the last election it is clear that many former Progressive Conservative voters temporarily parked their votes with the Liberals and other parties.

The temporary nature of that decision is illustrated by the gradual movement of Progressive Conservatives to the Progressive Canadian Party, a registered federal party ready to promote traditional conservative values of a strong federal government, a wariness of American intentions (apparently not shared by Liberals or Conservatives), fiscal conservatism, social order, and devotion to the common good of all Canadians.

Phyllis Wagg
PH.D. History

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