Thanks, but no thanks

Mississauga, Ontario - Saturday, June 19, 2004 - by: Patricia Green


An open letter to Stephen Harper


The undersigned recently received membership cards in the Conservative Party of Canada. We didn't ask for these cards and we don't want them.




Each and every one of us was a long-time member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada; no doubt it is the Progressive Conservative list that you used to mail unsolicited membership cards for your party.


Let us be perfectly clear: The Conservative Party of Canada, as led by you, has no resemblance to the Progressive Conservative Party to which we belonged.
  The party to which we belonged had a forward-looking, not regressive, vision for Canada.
  We do not support the rolling back of support for minority language services or the watering down of the Official Languages Act. We do not advocate the partitioning of Quebec. We support a woman's right to choose. We believe in an independent judiciary. We do not support, as you do, the use of the notwithstanding clause by parliament to trample Charter rights.
  Mr. Harper, we had the chance to vote for the Alliance party in the last federal election. We didn't take it then and we are not going to take it now. Please remove our names from the membership list of your party because it bears no resemblance to ours.
Annette Borger, Trinity Spadina
Pat Cross, Huron Bruce
Paul Felstein, Toronto Centre
Elizabeth Fowler, Toronto Centre
Kiloran German, Toronto Centre
Sage German, Northumberland Quinte West
Tony German, Northumberland Quinte West
Elizabeth Harvey, Willowdale
Joe Hueglin Niagara Falls
Jim Reganti, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour
Susan Walsh, Mississauga Erindale


Susan Walsh


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