Article "Harper's Eleven" in MACLEAN'S errors


Vancouver - Thursday, March 9, 2006 - by: Michael Watkins

John Geddes article "Harper's Eleven" in MACLEAN'S, March 8, 2006 EDITION writes: "polls showing Canadians weren't really outraged by the Emerson defection vindicate Harper's instinct to largely ignore the media frenzy."

John Geddes errors: Canadians *are* outraged, British Columbians are outraged, and Vancouverites are especially apoplectic in their response. Even many Conservatives, more privately than openly, are mad as hell. According to Ipsos-Reid, even Conservative-dominated areas of BC, three-quarters of those polled are calling for David Emerson's immediate resignation, according to poll conducted over Feb 7 to 12th poll. *

More importantly, people are not only reacting at a visceral level but have become engaged in understanding the issue and seek improvements to our fragile democracy.

Hopeful opinion or selective quotation of what little favourable polling exists over the Emerson affair won't change the reality on the ground: Most Canadians want David Emerson to run again as a Conservative, as he promises he will, not at some imaginary future date but right now.


Michael Watkins


(The letter writer is a Vancouver-Kingsway resident and card-carrying Conservative who has been active in the party pre and post merger for a number of years. He is also co-chair of Walk for Democracy, an event inspired by the Harper-Emerson affair set for April 2nd in Vancouver.)

  Geddes, John, Harper's Eleven, March 8, 2006, Macleans magazine also PDF
  Watkins, Michael - Web site with links to poll results and commentary on the Geddes article. March 8, 2006, web site


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