Canada will be awesome again with Joe Clark's leadership

Hamilton, Ontario - Sunday, July 28, 2002 - by: Mark Alan Whittle


Canada, under Joe Clark's leadership as Prime Minister, will be an awesome place to live, work and raise a family. Like thousands of others who respect Joe Clark and support his leadership, In my heart of hearts I believe he can win. I also know in my heart this could be accomplished with a new leader, given enough time, hard work and support from the party membership.




What the next federal election is going to be about is what Progressive Conservative leadership represents, as much as the messenger who delivers it. Therein lies the dilemma. A high level of trust needs to be harnessed to allow a leader the advantage of good faith and a united front from the party membership. This will mean a number of supporters from one side of the leadership issue will need to park their emotions at the door and be pragmatic for the betterment of Canada. Wishful thinking will be fatal when Jean Chretien commits his final act of desperation and calls an election. It will be time to fish or cut bait for the Joe Clark Conservatives. In other words, whatever is decided this fall, at the leadership convention, the Progressive Conservative membership should support the decision unconditionally. Till then they have an obligation to be faithful and support the present leadership in exactly the same way.




Obviously, the messenger will be responsible for continuing the policy platforms the party membership, through consensus, wish to present to the electorate of Canada. These important governance policies and election platforms will continue forward when the Progressive Conservatives free Canada from the clutches of Jean Chretien by beating the Liberals at the ballot box.




If Joe Clark wants to win he needs to lay out his powerful vision for Canada with a fireside chat -- like American Presidents do -- to capture the hearts and minds of their electorate. Canadians have become detached and cynical under Jean Chretien's leadership and need to be comfortable with a leader they can support. The hunger for trustworthy change is very strong from coast to coast, thanks to the actions of the present Liberal regime fronted by Jean Chretien.




Plain talking about what the Progressive Conservatives want to accomplish as a government and how they will get us there will give the electorate something to support at the ballot box. Strategic directions backed up with fiscal responsibility and an eye to equality and inclusion for ALL Canadians, no matter their plight, is a notion Canadians need to believe in today. It's a simple notion, but a powerful one, if you need to get support from a country as diverse as Canada. What the Conservatives put forth will need to embrace the full spectrum of diversity in some very basic ways. It's not rocket science as much as it is resonance and faith with the people of Canada.




Joe Clark's Progressive Conservatives are a party ready to govern in a way hard working Canadians can understand and support. Joe Clarks Progressive Conservatives can reawaken democratic responsibility in Canadians who have become detached from important issues thanks to Jean Chretien's corrupt regime.




I have faith in the Joe Clark Conservatives who represent change that can be trusted to govern.


Mark Alan Whittle