The Joy of Childhood

Hamilton, Ontario -Monday, January 6, 2003
Mark Alan Whittle

Oh, the delightful innocence and pleasure our children show unreservedly at something as mundane as frozen water. Makes me feel like letting my inner child go about squishing some cow patties down on the farm or make a winged angel in the snow in front of my house, like I did when I was a six year old kid..

My lovely wife Laurie says I look like your average run of the mill "tin pot" dictator sitting high up in my "throne", holding court amongst . I pray she was just kidding -- he, he.

In my minds eye I can picture Peggy's little grandson whooping it up in the snow. Peggy must be so happy to be part of it all.

Whoowee, It's storming out here in Hamilton now. Time for a run, not a walk in the snow. I want to feel the cold flakes melting on my face, while I listen to the deadened silence provided by a fresh blanket of snow. California dreamin' in reverse -- AKA Canadian winters.

Time to renew my membership with Mr. Dechert, who phoned to remind me recently. What a great membership Secretary our association has.

Time to greet the New Year with a renewed sense of purpose and resolve, by golly. Damn the torpedoes mate, full steam ahead into the 21st century.


Mark Alan Whittle

  I have just had a joyous week watching my 3 year old grandson FROM JAPAN revel in the SNOW! HE RAN IN IT,ROLLED IN IT ,SLIDE ON IT AND PEPPERED ME WITH SNOWBALLS.

How wonderful life would be if we could just appreciate the world around us with the glee of a child's enthusiasm.

Every so often things happen in politics that are so upsetting and contrary to basic fair play that I wonder what I am doing trying to make a success of the P.C. Party in our riding.

So for 2003 it is my hope that those so called Tory insiders and
pontificators take a slow boat to China and let things unfold as they should in the upcoming leadership event. Lets have a joyous and exciting few months and may the best man win!

Peggy Merritt


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