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War in Iraq

Hamilton, Ontario - Wednesday, March 26, 2003 by: Mark Alan Whittle
  Today, I was given the opportunity to apologize to an American citizen who lives in the remote Florida panhandle, as far removed from the battlefield as Canada. It was a sobering conversation about his countries liberation of Iraq from tyranny and Canada's glaring absence in that regard.
  I told him of my father's efforts to liberate Holland from the tyranny of Hitler during WWII, as he marched across Europe unopposed. It was Canadian fighting men who imposed freedom for Holland, while other European nations stood idly by.
  Who wasn't there is as telling as who was, for the grateful people of Holland.
  My father Bert left many tales of the war untold, accept for his perceptions of the day he drove through the besieged towns and villages they had successfully protected from Hitler's harm.
  To this day, the children of Holland pay respect to those Canadians who fell for peace and honor, for the very freedoms Hollanders enjoy today. This tribute to the fighting men of Canada is important enough to be part of their core curriculum in public schools.
  My father, and the other fighting men, wept for joy with the families, despite the heavy losses on both sides. I wept with my Father as he told me how proud he felt for their freedom, to know how cherished it is to us all.
  Has our Prime Minister forgotten the sacrifice my father and thousands of others made for honor and freedom, and Canada's moral obligation to do the same for the people of Iraq?


Mark Alan Whittle



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