Paul Martin - Potential Drift

Nelson, B.C. - Sunday, June 2, 2002 - by: Ken Wilson




An unnamed 'senior Martin advisor' ('Liberals bracing for Martin resignation', Globe and Mail , June 1) is quoted as saying that the Finance Minister is 'frustrated' by Chretien's 'unwillingness to make long term plans' and that Martin can't do his job because of 'potential drift.'




It is surprising the Finance Minister has only now recognized what has been long self-evident outside of the bureaucratic mindset of Ottawa. The country has been drifting for years.




The Chretien government drifted into the Quebec referendum just like they are now drifting through the shutdown of our softwood lumber industry and the disappearance of the family farm. The turmoil in our airlines, the disintegration of our health care system, the inability of our military to rotate our forces in Afghanistan are all due to the lack of long term planning. And the record is no better when it comes to the environment or foreign policy.




The current ethical scandals are symptomatic of a government that has no higher purpose than staying in office. Maintaining power, unfortunately, is the one area in which Chretien has a long term plan.




Ken Wilson

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