Smoke, mirrors, and smog

Nelson, B.C. - Saturday, December 14, 2002 - by: Ken Wilson
  With all their rhetoric on Kyoto, one might think that the Liberals have turned green. But what is the environmental legacy of this government?


The answer is simple. One watered-down bill to provide some protection to some endangered species on some lands if it ever becomes law. That's it. That's the sum total.




What has happened in the five years since the Kyoto conference? Did the government use that time to work out the details of a comprehensive climate change policy and to build a national consensus?




Hardly. In typical Liberal fashion, the government merely drifted. Millions of SUV's later, the Prime Minister decides he needs a legacy and a 'plan' is quickly cobbled together.




What happens now? A few vague platitudes are handed over to an army of bureaucrats with unfettered access to the federal treasury. Sound like a recipe for another billion dollar boondoggle? Well, just keep in mind that this is the same gang that brought us the gun registry.
  I'm afraid it will take more than smoke and mirrors in Ottawa to clear the smog in Toronto.


Ken Wilson




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