honourable and noble!

Victoria - Saturday, December 6, 2003 - by: W. H. Wolferstan


Scott McDougall, co-founder of the Alliance Party, labels loyal Tories as “narrow-minded” and “arrogant” (“Talent for Compromise”, Globe, 3rd December, 2003, page A25 ). How can he possibly hope to attract Canadians to vote for his re-named party when that party can’t even craft a believable coalition-building compromise that includes the majority of  Progressive Conservatives, but chooses to insult them instead?
  While past Tory coalition building efforts may have been “honourable” and “noble” compromises, loyal Tories and most Canadians will recognise that this one definitely isn’t.
  This is emphasised by his statement:
“nothing will be accomplished without the type of positive leadership and goodwill that has been demonstrated by Peter MacKay, Stephen Harper and their distinguished negotiating teams.”
  Are there any Canadians out there that really believe this?


W. H. Wolferstan

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