Crab Apples and Practical Politics
FTLComm - Tisdale - September 5, 2000

practical nature of these fruits

Nothing can match the sharp and ever fresh flavour of crab apples and no other fruit can make a pie as memorable so that one piece is never ever enough. Crab apples are a common and simple fruit, tough enough to handle the variations of Saskatchewan's climate and yet able to engage us with blossoms in spring and bounty in the fall. I have no idea how come they are call "crab" apples but the hardy and practical nature of these fruits make them worthy of admiration.

first nations people had the right to fish

Donald Marshall having tangled with the court system and spent a good part of his life in jail, wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit has achieve immortality by adding his name to the history books of Canada when he successfully challenged Canadian fishing laws and took his case to the Supreme court where it was decided that native first nations people had the right to fish Canadian waters and do so for a modest living.



government is disregarding the court's ruling

Now since that ruling was handed down the Federal government has fought the order of the Supreme court challenging its in court and on the water. In court they have lost and the Marshall ruling has been upheld but the federal department of fisheries continues to fight the first nations people of Burnt Church New Brunswick who live on at the mouth of the Merimichy River. This issue has certainly puzzled me and I would guess most of us find it odd that the government is disregarding the court's ruling.



Federal Liberal party

Let's get back to crab apples, crab apple trees really pay little attention to anything but the weather and to a certain extent they even ignore it to a certain extent because they are a practical hardy plant that can hang on when times are tough. About the only thing in our society that seems as tough and resilient is the Federal Liberal party.


endless tail chasing

The Supreme Court and its rulings do not get votes. Right or wrong the practical and purely pragmatic government of the "little guy from Shawinigan" looks at the issue entirely different. With the West written off as reform/alliance country and Quebec in its endless tail chasing routine there are only two areas of Canada that are politically up for grabs. Ontario and the maritimes.



Ottawa's defence of their sea faring culture

The tough times in the maritimes and its tradition of "in your pocket" politics dictates that to get votes from the seashore people means simply to look like you are on their side. Though their are thousands of inshore lobster fisherman they severely resent the eight hundred or so first nations folks who want to share in fishing. Until the election is over you can be certain that the Federal Department of Fisheries is going to do their damndest to make life miserable for the people of Burnt Church or any other Indians who want to do some fishing. Indians vote in small numbers and the maritimes will vote liberal showing their appreciation for Ottawa's defence of their sea faring culture.



intellectual incompetence of Ontario

Ontario voters are among the most gullible and lease intelligent in the country. I can say that confidently because we can see how they gave us Brian Mulroney and have repeated elected one of the dullest lease able people in the history of our country, Mike Harris. The federal liberal party is much more aware of the intellectual incompetence of Ontario and sprinkling a few tax goodies and cash backed promises will guarentee a Liberal majority.



clever little street fighter

If you have been listening the press is telling you about a spring election, well sports fans I doubt if you will have to wait until then. That clever little street fighter from Shawinigan is far more likely to get Canadians to the poles before the US election before the Alliance can get any more support from separatists East or West.



what ever it takes

Stockwell Day is simply following the Mulroney pattern, paying no attention to the country and concentrating only on what will gain him power. If that means promising gold platted door handles in Quebec fine, what ever it takes. Mulroney was successful with this process, so much so his main man is the separatist premier of Quebec.
  Timothy W. Shire