Curfew Bylaw Postponed Indefinitely

October 28, 1998
By Paul Kusiak

All hope for people in favour of kids being off the streets at night, slipped away this monday night. For as it stands now, the curfew will not be preposed at all, as there have been too many complaints about it.

As far back as August, rumors began abounding about a new bylaw possibly being preposed. The draft bylaw was originally based on similar bylaws in Melfort and Tisdale. It would unable kids either 16 or 17 and under to be out on the streets, presumably causing trouble. This was thought as a quick solution to some problems regarding a few instances with teenager-related crimes.

However, arguements began on behalf of the kids and their side. The facts that the majority of the kids are not lawbreakers and that by enforcing this curfew, the kids would lose some of their rights, welcomed a strong disagreement.

And so, on Monday night with the majority of public support, the curfew was no longer considered. And, with that at an end, rational thought might have started again.