In Regina and perhaps many other places the ownership
of a car is no longer a sacred thing and there are those
who might choose to borrow. We snapped this image
of a security minded sole's car in a Regina parking lot. Parked nearby, I noticed the headlights on and thought perhaps if the car is open I would turn off the lights for
the forgetful owner. Alas this was a monumental form
of forgetfulness. Not only were the lights on, but as you
can see the car is unlocked the club is in place and the keys to the car and the club left in a convenient location,
in the club.
Here is a monument of another sort. The silhouette is the language studies building of the University of Regina
with the prairie sun setting behind it highlighting some benign cumulous clouds. This building houses the university's language programmes which include Mandarin, Arabic, German and perhaps others and all
of the signs in the building appear to be in French
which as far as I know is not a foreign language in Canada.