Farewell To The Man Who Brought Us . . .

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There is a reason for all the moaning and eye rolling among the bankers and brokers, there is a reason the conservatives and the media are telling us that our economy is doomed without the wise and wonderful Paul Martin at the helm of Canadian governmental finance. Paul Martin was and is their guy.




Paul Martin is the man who brought us balanced Canadian Federal budgets and he did so with intent malice for the people of Canada. Let's just take a look at his accomplishments:
  1. By changing the rules he turned a heavy expenditure in unemployment insurance into a government windfall as Canada now has virtually no unemployment insurance programme but the workers keep paying and the money goes into government coffers.

  2. By keeping gas taxes up there and not spending any money on highways for which the money is earmarked more money into the treasury.

  3. By cutting drastically on health care spending the cost of Canada's universal Medicare system has moved almost completely to the provinces and the whole programme is in danger of collapsing.

  4. By reducing all government spending outside of Quebec, his home province, the federal government has saved a lot of money but as a result we have little or no weather reporting in the country, air traffic control is privatised, transportation in Canada is foreign owned and this vast country has been turned into a series of competing regional areas, un-unified and each on their own.

  5. By cutting, then cutting again and again, Canada once proud of its military service to the country and the world is now unable to hold up responsibilities at home or anywhere else for that matter




Paul Martin, because of his strangle hold on Canadian fiscal policy has put his decentralised, fee for service, free market economy on this country. To produce unity in the party following the defeat of Mulroney the Prime Minister asked his leading rival to head up finance and by so doing handed over the main control of his government to the man he defeated in the leadership race.




The concept of the Liberal party has always been to be the middle, the moderate force in political thought and leaders who have reflected that position have been chosen time after time to lead the party. Martin lost because he occupied a much more pro-business position but was able to get his policies into government action while at the same time he maintained his active campaign to re-win a leadership campaign he already lost.




Like his father before him Paul Martin is and will always be a loser. Out of step with the needs of the voters of Canada and sniping away at the party to which he claims to be a loyal supporter. The reason for this dramatic shift in gears is well worth examining.




There are many who claim that the Chretien government is corrupt. Surely we have to put this idea into context, compared to what? Most recent corruption claims are so small that they are not worth lengthy discussion. Don Boudria's $800 weekend, Eggleton's $35,000 payoff to a former girlfriend, the Liberal party's padding the cheques to Quebec advertising firms perhaps $2,000,000. I do not suggest that just because the money is small that it is moral, it is not, but look back in time and discover that the Conservative government was only brought to task for issues above hundreds of millions.




The real story here is that the Prime Minister was getting fed up with the nickel and dim complains and he believes, rightly or wrongly, that the source of these stories was Paul Martin's die hard supporters.




The so-called scandals that have been fueled by leaks from Martin supporters to the opposition continued to seriously undermine the government and that lead the Prime Minister to issue his ultimatum last week and as you saw, Martin and his heavily funded outfit, challenged the Prime Minister and refused to knuckle under. It is completely appropriate for Paul Martin to be at long last chopped out of the cabinet.




Think about this, the reason that the unite the right projects have fizzled is simply because the right already have had the control of government spending all along in the Ministers of Finance. They have been getting what they wanted and were doing so within the government. You also have to face the ugly reality that those who so espouse free market economy and all that goes with it, do so with the provision that government spending, meaning subsidisation, goes to big business.




Free Market economy is a buzz phrase for pure and simple government support of business through grants and freedom from paying taxes. With Paul Martin, they have got all they wanted and than some. During his shepherding, the Canadian economy, the Canadian quality of life has declined, Canadian real individual income has fallen and the share of paying for everything has moved almost completely to the individual. This shift has almost eliminated the middle class in Canada as the present lower class and what is left of the lower middle class, are paying most of Canada's taxes.




Best wishes to the Prime Minister and may stability return to our country, may we see a change in the fiscal policies of this land so that people begin to count for something once again.

Timothy W, Shire