No Need To Worry About the Western Wheat Growers

Brendaren Farms - January 10, 2000
By: Edwin Wallace

There is needless concern over the Mexican holiday for the freakoid members of the Western Canadian Grain Growers Association (WCGGA)(AKA Enemies of the Canadian Wheat Board.)

The concern is expressed by those continuing their lobby for more money for cash strapped farmers. The argument being that the public perception will be, if

farmers can go to Mexico for a convention, why the hell should taxpayers be saddled with the bill.

That is a legitimate concern, but only if legitimacy is given the WCGGA!

It's legitimacy, at most, is marginal, at the least, very minimal. In my own area, I have yet to meet a member, or at least anybody that admits to having a membership. When the WCGGA has held conventions here in Saskatchewan, the TV crews had to do close cropping on news images to give the impression of a full crowd. So, to those who would worry about the the negative effect of this fiasco on their safety-net/emergency funding lobby or those who feel they

would be supporting a bunch of free loaders, I say fret not. There is really not enough of them to be of any significance even if they should receive funding. (And make no mistake - those 'Farmers For Just Us' will have their hand out as far as the best reach if there is a smell of money around!)

So what does this sojourn in the sun really boil down to? Well, I have already suggested the reason - to get away from the local news coverage! Those of us who care about such things

chuckled with glee at the "poor showing" at last WCGGA convention held here at home. The leadership of that assortment of knuckledraggers, - a leadership that is falling apart according to today's reports - does not want to show us here at home that they are not a force to contend with, either by concerned farmers or concerned taxpayers.

I'm Edwin

Our thanks to Mexican tourist sites for the pictures on this page all from Porto Vallarta.